3 Ways to Improve Your Website’s SEO

3 Ways to Improve Your Website’s SEO

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. When it comes to SEO, there’s you, the search engine, and the searcher.

You need to scratch the niche. 

Include a lot of content that drives leads to satisfies a niche. Figure out what people are searching for and tailor your content to that. Google loves text, so don’t forget to blog!

Make Sure to Text! 

It’s all about the keywords. Don’t forget that Google actually loves text. Organic search makes up for a large chunk of sales and conversions in eCommerce. You want to ensure that meta descriptions, tag lines, headlines, etc all use the same keywords. Google also likes consistency. Your SEO strategy should be blended in with your Content Marketing Strategy. 

Don’t forget to check the back door

Work on getting high value backlinks. Linking your website to other websites and directories. This can garner traffic, build credibility, and help your brand rank higher on search engines. Utilize open graph tags relevant to the website and targets.