CheckWI turns 1! Looking back at 2021 & Setting a Vision For 2022

CheckWI turns 1! Looking back at 2021 & Setting a Vision For 2022

As our company quickly approaches it's first anniversary, we look back at the rollercoaster of a year it has been and we feel proud of the progress we have made. 

In the middle of the year 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, two Dominican entrepreneurs by the names of Ronald Abraham Jr and Daniel Fadelle, put their heads together to brainstorm solutions to some of the biggest issues facing the Caribbean. Having both grown up in the island nation of Dominica, the two were all too aware of the challenges faced by citizens of small island developing states, particularly the challenges faced by the youth in gaining meaningful employment. However, with every tremendous challenge, there is tremendous opportunity, and this was what fueled their passion to make a change in their own innovative way.

In July of 2020, the two created a facebook group "Caribbean Digital Professionals" with a simple aim in mind, to connect Caribbean professionals, both at home and abroad. Little did they realise that this group would serve as the foundation for outstanding things to come.

Over the course of a few months, the group grew and the aim began to be realised. Conversations were flowing, professionals were connecting and job opportunities began to surface. By December 2020, Ron and Daniel having seen the opportunity & potential at hand, decided that it was time to bring this group to the next level. It was time to start a platform. 

Both having a background in Digital Marketing & web development, the two decided to build this platform from scratch as a side project. After many late nights spent developing the website, working on the business plan and business model, CheckWI was born.

The platform was officially launched on February 18th, 2021. Check WI, the Caribbean's first online freelancer marketplace. The interest in the platform from the get go was tremendous and many freelancers & online professionals began to sign up with the hope of securing job opportunities online. The task was tall to get the word out of the platform, especially for two entrepreneurs who were bootstrapping the platform with very limited resources, but with the support of the Caribbean Digital Professionals community, and with the knowledge and experience of these two co-founders in digital marketing, ecommerce, media and online business, they were able to spread the word far and wide to secure sign ups.

It was with the addition of two key team members, Nilan Doctrove, the Chief Data Officer and Kimal Lloyd-Phillip the Chief Operations officer, that Check WI was able to see even further growth and improvement in internal operational structure, an element which is especially crucial in the development of any start up business.

From month to month, Check WI continued to work towards the ultimate mission of providing opportunities for Caribbean freelancers & professionals whilst providing top class service and excellent value to the clients that we serve.

After almost a year in operation, we're very proud of what WI have managed to achieve, even with the odds stacked against us. 

WI have managed to help Wi-Lancers secure full time remote positions with companies.

WI provided consultation to government agents in the formulation of national strategies for digital economic development.

WI have helped a variety of businesses get started online and optimize their online stores for success in the competitive internet space.

WI have helped scale some of our clients to 6 figure revenues & increases of up to 49%.

WI have placed Caribbean talent on the global map and provided an outlet for anyone to monetize their skills online whilst giving the global community direct access talented professionals who can make a positive and direct impact on their business.

and the best part is... WI are just getting started.

So as we begin this new journey around the sun, we look towards the year with great optimism. In this year, WI will continue to add as much value as we can to Caribbean business owners and freelancers through the implementation of our latest program, the eCom Smash Course. (eCSC) Through this program, we will provide one on one training, coaching and consultation to business owners, both in the Caribbean and abroad who are serious about optimizing their business' operations and scaling their companies online. Interested business owners are encouraged to apply now as we will have limited availability in the first quarter of the year and spaces are filling quickly.

Also, this year WI will continue to share our expertise with you and are looking to work with more clients to provide consultation & strategies on lead generation for your business/service, Google ad management, digital marketing strategy, organic search engine optimization (SEO) and ecommerce website design in particular. WI encourage you to book a FREE 30 minute discovery with us and let's unlock your business' online potential. 


So to our well wishers, Wi-lancers, clients & associates, WI wish you a prosperous and happy new year! Thank you for your support on our journey so far and look forward to working with you all even more in 2022!

Any Job, Any Time, #JustCheckWI


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