Top 5 Tips to Maximize Revenue For Your eCommerce Brand this Spring (2022)

Top 5 Tips to Maximize Revenue For Your eCommerce Brand this Spring (2022)

It’s that time of the year again! If you're from a country in the northern hemisphere you’ve surely been waiting months for this time. Days are getting longer, the temperature is a lot warmer and there’s an overwhelming feeling of joy and excitement in the atmosphere. That’s right, it’s spring.

For eCommerce business owners, spring presents an opportunity to execute on new strategies, run some promotions and really capitalize on yet another sales season. At the same time, there are a number of challenges faced by online brands. Competition gets more fierce, the cost of acquisition goes up and if you fail to execute on a customer retention strategy, you may find yourself missing out on many potential customers & sales.

At Check WI we work with ecommerce business owners like yourself to help you streamline your business, formulate a winning strategy and put you on the right path to sustainable growth and expansion. Throughout the journey of helping our clients, we’ve found a few things we would like to share with you.

Here are our 5 top tips to maximize revenue this spring:

    1. Create a Landing page with a Lead Magnet;

      This should be the page where you want to direct new visitors and traffic to. As you get ready to release information about your spring collection and/or new product/service offering, landing pages are a very effective way to funnel visitors into the top of your sales funnel where you can begin to inform them about your brand and sell the “why” to them.

    2. Create/Adjust your current email/SMS welcome series;

This way, when you begin to collect new email addresses & phone numbers, this is your chance to build a better customer - brand experience and raise anticipation and engagement with your community. This is your chance to create a decent first impression and also gives you a second opportunity to close a sale by adding a discount, exclusive offer or by a value add on in exchange for joining your community.

3. Create a Compelling offer and follow it up with compelling copy/content;

This is fundamental when it comes to online advertising but it is often overlooked by brands. During spring and sales seasons, competition amongst brands for consumer attention is fierce. This is not the time to put out generic messages and offers out to your customers, rather the time to give them as much value as possible to make your brand stand out and instantly begin to develop brand loyalty. Discuss with your marketing specialist and content team, research industry trends, ask questions and provide clients an offer based on what they’ve been telling you and what they’re statistically most likely to engage with.

4. Apply Customer Segmentation & Keep it Personal;

No one likes generic salesy messages. Spend time getting to know your audience. Create various customer segments in your email & SMS marketing software and craft messages that suit them best. Softwares like Attentive offer assistance to help you to build out your customer segments based on various interactions with your webpage. Once you know how a client is interacting with you, then you are better able to provide for their needs and also deliver the type of content which they are most likely going to respond to. At Check WI, our experts can help you devise and execute on a customer segmentation strategy. You can book a free consultation right here.

5. Simplify the Checkout process

check out

Keep the bridge between your product and the purchase as close as possible. During the sales seasons, it’s easy for people to get distracted by all the ads out there competing for their attention. Optimize your check out flow and minimize the changes of visitors abandoning their carts. For more multiple item offerings, it helps to create package deals & bundles in order to help guide your visitor to ultimately make the purchase. 

By successfully applying the above tips to your online store, you can surely expect to see an increase in revenue this coming spring.

Are you interested in growing your online business in a sustainable fashion? Book an online, 30 minute consultation with one of our experts right now and let’s see how we can work together towards your goals.