About Us

A business you can trust

We are a team of talented, innovative individuals working as a collective who are passionate about eCommerce, Digital Marketing and immerging technology. 

CheckWI continues to help entrepreneurs, brands, businesses and governments succeed in the digital world. 

We started out as a freelancer marketplace but we found that the market needed something different. We decided then to pivot and adjust our service offering to suit the demands of the market.

We are now offering e-commerce & digital marketing consulting and coaching services, as well as website development.

Our mission is to enable a Digital Caribbean and year by year we are proud of the continuous progress in regards to realizing that vision.


  • Ronald Abraham Jr

    - Co-Founder & CMO
    - Digital Marketing Specialist
    - Google Ads Consultant
    - Website Designer

  • Daniel Fadelle

    - Co-Founder
    - Shopify Merchant Success Manager
    - eCommerce Consultant

    - Website Designer

  • Nilan Doctrove

    - Customer Success & CDO

    - Microsoft Excel Guru
    - Data Analyst

  • Kimal Lloyd-Phillip

    - Operations Manager

    - Data Strategy Consultant

    - Business Analyst