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How to Set Up PayPal in the Caribbean (FREE eBook)

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One of the few ways to move money around Caribbean online is through PayPal.
286 million people worldwide are users and PayPal is an accepted payment processor on almost all online stores and websites.

It can be tricky to navigate in the West Indies. Processing times and accessing the funds locally in one’s own currency are tough to get around. As simple as it is to use, it can be quite complex to set up the right way and still be profitable. There’s also so much to know!

We wanted to make this easier and more accessible. CheckWi has put together a Step-by step guide which can be used anywhere in the Caribbean.

We invite and strongly encourage all CheckWi service providers to have a PayPal account created as this is the primary method for receiving payouts for jobs.
If you’re not a CheckWi service provider, no worries! It’s available to you as well!

To receive the step-by-step guide fill out the form below to have a free copy emailed to you!